Release Notes 1.6.8

This quick release is to address the most pressing bugs reported, and a few quick features/changes to improve the games balancing. 

This is the second of a few updates aimed at fixing the release bugs and adding new features to improve gameplay. Thank you for bearing with as I address these concerns and strive to make Idle Acorns the best version of itself.

Whats New!

  • Swapped pricing model for Forge and Cabin upgrades, so you can speed up your forging and cooking without waiting for them to complete.
  • Adjusted Forge and Cabin Pricing model, easier upgrades in the beginning and more difficult upgrades in the end. 
  • Increased base idle collection rate to 40%. Increase your idle collection rate by 10% increments at the World Market. 
  • Benny conversation chevron “‣” only appears when he has more to say. 
  • Added Multi-Touch Functionality.
  • Expanded Settings Options, including limited sound FX to disable repeating acorn and selling sounds.
  • Added Haptic Feedback.
  • Pine Tree Firewood boosted even further.
  • Scavenger Race and Treasure Hunt give better reward diamonds based on game progress.
  • Added “Locked” indicator for Chili rewards on Treasures so you know there is something to unlock after the Turtle visits. 
  • Added Easter egg for unlocking the Santa Hat without needing to wait for December. ( RABBIT > CROW > RABBIT > CROW > BAT > FROG )
  • New instructions on the Beach before unlocking the Cabin.

Bug Fixes!

  • Fixed Fish Z axis ordering. 
  • Fixed bug where some items would max out at 99.
  • Longer Whale Appearance.