This quick release is to address additional bugs reported, and a few new features/changes to improve the games balancing. It also introduces a couple much needed features.

This is the last of a few updates aimed at fixing the release bugs and adding new features to improve gameplay. Thank you for bearing with me as I address these concerns and strive to make Idle Acorns the best version of itself. There may be a few small bug fix updates as needed, but for the most part I will be focused on the upcoming 2.0 (Campfire) Update!


Whats New:

  • In-Game notification badges! For example, when your forge is done, the forge button will indicate that it is ready.
  • Help page added to the game guide in case you need some assistance with what to do next.
  • Tree planted indicators, so you know what kind of trees you have planted and where.
  • Spiders squished counter.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Notifications bug, notifications will recalculate when you use a time skip.
  • Forge and cabin market upgrade button and text bugs.
  • Rebalanced the forge and cabin upgrade prices.
  • Rebalanced the world market upgrade prices.
  • Forge and cabin market bug where the price gets truncated and not shown correctly.
  • World market bug where the price gets truncated and not shown correctly.
  • Game Center double checks for any unlocked achievements on launch from the achievements screen.
  • “Benny orders a box” not unlocking the treasure.
  • Fixed snake mini-game bug.
  • Re-worded Benny’s catch and release program for clarity.
  • Fixed acorn loop bug.
  • Redesigned easter egg system to make it easier to add easter eggs in the future.
  • Fixed achievements total money display bug.
  • Fixed Fishingline and Firewood 999 purchase bug.
  • Minor UI corrections.